AddFloor 1. Notification of Commencement
AddFloor 2. Inspection when transfer structure in place
AddFloor 3. Inspection Floor deck compartment fire rating and cavity barriers
AddFloor 4. Inspection Walls insulation, fire rating and cavity barriers
AddFloor 5. Inspection Roof structure and insulation
AddFloor 6. Inspection 1st fix fitout stage internally incl. penetration seals
AddFloor 7. Inspection 2nd fix fitout stage internally
AddFloor 8. Inspection Common parts doors, fire dampers, stairs and AOVs
AddFloor 9. Inspection at 95% completed, doors and smoke alarms
AddFloor 10. Notification of Completion

Installer certificates required: Request and refer to test and witness schedule
File Photo required: all throughout especially fire passive fire protection
Important Note: In all case a fire engineer must be engaged to cover EWS, Regulation 7 and B4(1) compliance