Building Surveyors in Chelsea and Why You Need One

Since it is the responsibility of property owners to ensure that every building work carried out in their home is completed following the national state laws, the demand for professional building surveys is always relatively high. Look for experienced building surveyors, and they will assist you with various categories of work as determined by the director of building control, such as regulatory oversights and building permits.

What Is The Work Of A Building Surveyor?

The primary task undertaken by Building Surveyors in Chelsea is to provide property owners with independent oversight of a building while it is being constructed. They survey the condition of the building during the construction process and after construction work is completed. It assures that the building is energy-efficient, accessible, and safe.

They work with engineers, draftspeople, architects and other designers. If they find that the building was not constructed in complying with the approved plans or any risk at the site, they will issue an Order or Building Notice. Unless the building surveyor gives a building permit, construction workers can’t do the building work. They might also have to stop working if the work is not liable for a building permit under the Building Regulations. As a property owner, you will have better peace of mind if the building work is done following the Building Act, Building Regulations, and Building Permits.

Few Vital Tasks Undertaken By Building Surveyors In Chelsea

  • Assess and approve applications for building permits.
  • Appoint a registered building inspector to assess the condition of the building and building work on their behalf.
  • Approve the building use if found appropriate
  • Carry out building inspections and issue building permits
  • Occupation of building approval
  • Issue certificates for occupancy permits and final inspection

How Do Building Surveyors Enforce Safety And Building Standards?

  • Enforce directions to deal with the non-compliant building work
  • Municipal building surveyors can make emergency orders
  • Make building orders

When Do You Have To Hire A Building Surveyor?

  • You have undertaken a new construction project
  • Planning to make some repairs or structural alterations in your existing building
  • Alterations that can change the size, use or height of a building
  • Want to retain fences and walls

Importance Of A Building Permit

A registered building surveyor issues a Building Permit or Construction Permit; it states the documentation and plans of a proposed building work that fulfils all the requirements of the Building Regulations, The Building Act and the Building Code. It would help if you had the Building Permit for commercial buildings as it approves that you can continue working. It is mandatory for major renovations, new buildings, alterations, demolitions and extensions.

Since the services offered by a building surveyor are so important, it’s time you start looking for someone experienced in Chelsea. All Building Control has a highly focused and professional team of building surveyors, so contact us today to find out more.