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Building Control

Registered Building Control Approver

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Approved Inspector Building Control Service

Being a Corporate Approved Inspector the primary service we offer is Building Control Services London which essentially consists of plans checking and site inspections of your building works.
If you are unsure of when Building Control Services London approval is required or of the process, then please view the short video animation which explains it for you.
If you are wondering whats included in the Schedule of Service and Terms & Conditions governing the way in which the service is delivered may be found below.
For your peace of mind, we strongly advise you choose quality designers and contractors using a suitable written contract who can offer you insurance-backed warranty for their work.

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What you get for your money - Schedule of Service

All Building Control hereby agrees to provide the following independent building control service to meet the requirements under the Building Act 1984 and current building regulations:

To issue to the client and appropriate local authority an initial notice upon receipt of a completed agreement.

To allocate a suitably qualified Surveyor, Engineer or other suitably qualified individual to the contract.

To check plans and specifications for compliance with building regulations.

To carry out statutory consultations with the Fire Authority and where necessary the Sewage Undertaker/Water Authority.

To issue the client a plans certificate upon request when the plans and details show compliance with current building regulations.

To issue the client information pertaining to the likely inspection regime or required site stage notifications.

To make such visits to the site to advise the contractor of opportunities to comply with building regulations with regard approved inspector performance standards and site inspection regime.

To issue a final certificate to the client and the relevant local authority at satisfactory completion of building works.

New Job Quote – You must use this form to receive a formal quote for any prospective work. 
Our minimum fee is £500+vat.
We cannot provide building control approval for works already commenced.
You need to tell us when works may be ‘regarded as commenced’ and/or may have reached the 15% stage (see below)
You need to appoint competent professionals in terms of design and construction. 
You will need to appoint a Principal Designer and can get a quote here.
We do not work on proposed HRBs but can work on ‘independent sections’ of existing HRBs. 
Further information on assessing HRBs may be found here.
16B Notice – You must use must this form to notify us of various stages from pre-commencement to completion
The first notification required is a minimum of 2 days prior to starting works (select Pre-Commencement)
The second notification is the actual commencement notice and you must notify us by selecting one of the following ;
1) Commencement of new Complex Buildings
When the foundations supporting the building and the structure of the lowest floor level of that building (but not the other buildings or structures to be supported by those foundations) are completed.
2) Commencement of new Non-Complex Buildings or Horizontal Extensions
When the sub-surface structure of the building or the extension including all foundations, basement levels (if any) and the structure of ground floor level is completed.
3) Commencement of work
All other notifiable works not described above for which work is to be regarded as commenced when 15% of the work is completed.
N.B. If we disagree with your submitted notice of commencement we will let you know this within 4 weeks.
16E Declarations – You and your team must use this form to declare compliance and request the formal Final Certificate  

All Building Control is London based and nationwide, some of our areas include...

Book a Site Inspection

*Due to the events of last year our services are taking slightly longer, we appreciate your patience.

Book a Site Inspection

*Due to the events of last year our services are taking slightly longer, we appreciate your patience.

Declaration and Request for Final Certificate by Client, Principal Designer, and Principal Contractor

1) I/we confirm that I/we have fulfilled our obligations in respect of Principal Designer / Principal Contractor as defined in Regulation 16E of The Building (Approved Inspector etc.) Regulations 2010 and Part 2A (duty holders and competence) of the Building Regulations 2010 (as amended). As far as I/we are reasonably and practicably able to ascertain, the works, to the best of our knowledge, comply with the Building Regulations. I/we therefore formally request issue of the Final Certificate.

2) I/we confirm that as the person carrying out the work, I/we have passed all pertinent fire safety information to the responsible person (RP) as required by Regulation 38 of the Building Regulations such that they may adequately and reasonably fulfil their ongoing obligation under the RR(FS)O.

    I am the:

    Date Appointed:

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