Choosing The Correct Building Survey For You

Chartered Surveyors HighGate

Are you looking for a new home? Or are you planning to undertake a significant renovation project? Get a comprehensive understanding of the condition of the building first. This is where building and home surveys come in. A survey is a detailed report that outlines the condition of the property. It highlights potential issues or defects.


Chartered surveyors in HighGate offer different types of home surveys. You can get mortgage valuations, full surveys, specific defect surveys and condition reports.

3 types of building surveys to opt for

Condition report

This is the most basic and affordable type of building survey. It is suitable for modern, well-maintained properties with no significant issues. The report provides a concise overview of the condition of the property. It highlights any areas that require attention. A condition report includes an assessment of the property’s visible defects. You will find reports on cracks, dampness, and structural issues. However, it does not provide any advice or recommendations for repairs.

Homebuyer report

This is a more detailed survey that completely assesses the property’s condition. A homebuyer report thoroughly inspects the property’s visible and accessible areas, such as the roof, walls, floors, and ceilings. The report also includes assessing the property’s dampness and insulation levels. Additionally, a homebuyer report provides advice on the structural integrity of the building.

Full building survey

A building survey, or full structural survey, is the most comprehensive type. It is suitable for older or more unusual properties, properties that have undergone significant renovations, or properties with a history of structural issues. A building survey includes a detailed inspection of the property’s structure, including its walls, roof, and foundation.


It also assesses the condition of the property’s wiring, plumbing, and heating systems. A building survey provides a comprehensive report that includes advice on repairs, maintenance, and potential issues that may arise in the future.


At All Building Control, we have a team of corporate-approved inspectors licensed by the government. RICS regulates us, and we follow processes and procedures to provide proper full building surveys.


We offer chartered building surveys for commercial, industrial, education and healthcare, as well as residential clients. Over time, we’ve developed into a highly focused and professional team offering building control approval and consultancy services.