Things to Know About Chartered Surveyor Inspection in New Builds

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Buying a property with your hard-earned money is a life investment. Along with checking the valuable fittings, you must take care in viewing the overall living conditions of the house.


The Need to Survey a New Build:


To check the vital components of a new build, investing in a property survey may seem like additional trouble where you have to devote an extra day to inspect the property. The service provided by a chartered surveyor in the City of London can save you a lot on maintenance and upkeep in the long run.


Why Hire a Chartered Surveyor to Inspect New Builds?


In this blog, you can find a detailed take on hiring a qualified property surveyor for new builds. A foolproof inspection will help you get more information about the property’s living conditions and other important aspects.


The homebuyers trust the chartered surveyors for their sharp observation skills. Even in a new build, a surveyor will be able to find several issues. Some of these are discussed here:


  • Loose socket plates

  • Plastic frames scratched or cut by sharp-edged tools

  • Wobbly, loose toilet fixtures

  • Leaky taps and shower outlets

  • Incorrectly installed ironmongery

  • Improperly installed fencing or barriers


By checking these factors, a surveyor provides a report to the homeowner. They have to view the reports and decide about the final purchase.


Along with checking the factors for comfortable living, it is vital to check the safety features of the newly built property. The assistance of the property surveyor can come in handy in this field as well. The safety implications checked by the inspector are:


  • Checking the connection of the household drainage system

  • Condition of plaster and rendering on the walls

  • Fittings of the doors, windows and other installations

  • Connection of the waste pipes and vents

  • Installations to resist dampness inside the property

  • Condition of the staircase and other installations


You can proceed with the final purchase if your home surveyor provides a satisfactory report. Otherwise, it is better to give it a second thought and have a conversation with your broker.


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