Who is a Chartered Surveyor, and What is Their Job?

Chartered Surveyors City Of London

The role of a chartered surveyor is diverse. The most basic job of a chartered surveyor concerns the land, property and construction process. They must examine the buildings for existing and probable structural defects and provide expert advice on the environmental issues that might be present in the construction process. Chartered surveyors are also required to take an in-depth look at the conditions of commercial properties.


However, many people need clarification about the daily activities of a chartered surveyor. Why should you hire one? This question lingers in the mind of many.

Chartered surveyors in the city of London are involved in various projects, from planning, high-tech housing to taking care of public health conditions.


Are you planning to hire a chartered surveyor? Here’s a brief on the things that you can expect from them.

What does a chartered surveyor do?

It isn’t easy to describe a surveyor’s job in one line. Some of the common responsibilities of a professional chartered surveyor are listed below:


  • They conduct a complete examination of the buildings to check for structural defects.

  • They manage the contractual relationship between the parties involved in a construction project.

  • They help to provide the valuation of the property and the other types of related assets.

  • They also assess the specific parts of the land, boundaries of the property and both natural and man-made features of the building.

  • They provide an accurate report of the financial position of the construction project regarding the way the finances can be managed and controlled effectively.

  • They conduct an assessment of the building to identify the necessary alterations and repairs that must be done to the property.

Why hire a chartered surveyor?

A trained and certified chartered surveyor is an individual who has a marked quality of assurance and professionalism in terms of the work they do. By hiring a chartered surveyor, you can appoint someone who can provide sufficient guidance on the land, property and building construction process.


You can expect an unbiased, fair and transparent report from the chartered surveyor. Moreover, by hiring a chartered surveyor, you can expect technical knowledge and market assessment of your property. If you’re searching for a chartered surveyor, then make sure you hire an RICS-certified surveyor for the job. They will provide independent advice to help you make proper property-buying decisions.


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