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Professional Building Control in Chelsea

Expert Building Control

The primary function of Building Control in Chelsea is to ensure that people’s health and safety are not compromised once building or construction work has taken place.

If you want to undertake any building works, it’s important that the planning permissions are obtained in advance. All Building Control can help with this process for both commercial or residential projects- no matter how big or small they might be.

A lot of people prefer not dealing directly with local authorities because it can be a long process with a lot of paperwork so we are saving you the time of having to go through all this by doing it for you.

Building Control in Chelsea and How it Works

Here at All Building Control, we realise that Building Control in Chelsea will vary from job to job. Some will be big or small and there are lots of different projects getting underway, so we have designed a free ‘get a quote’ service on our website. Simply fill in the from with all the information you can provide, and we will send a free quote out to you, specific for your job.

We will send you the quote and if you are happy with it you will need to sign and send It back to us. We are then able to register your project and let the local authorities know all the details. This saves you a lot of time and is a quick and easy process.

You won’t have to wait up 6 weeks for Building Control services with us! We offer fast approval, and you will get a response in under 10 days.

We ask you to let us know 24 hours in advance before starting any works. We will send a site surveyor to come and assess the site and check everything is in order. Once the build is complete and the site surveyor is happy, they will issue you with a final certificate.

Once everything has been completed and approved by our team of experts, you will receive a final certificate.

Don’t delay; get your quote today.

Why is Building Control in Chelsea Important?

Building Control surveyors check that building work complies with the latest regulations to protect people’s safety and health. They make sure all aspects of construction, including but not limited:

  • foundations
  • damp-proofing
  • structural issues
  • insulation
  • heating
  • the accessibility of a building
  • fire protection and means of escape in case of fire

Throughout the building work being completed, it is essential that regular site visits from the Building Control surveyors are carried out. This is to ensure that the constriction work is on the right track with the building regulations. They can be there to talk through the plans and help to answer any questions you may have about meeting the required standards.

These teams of Building Control professionals work with property owners, builders, and designers to find solutions for their project to ensure that it fits with the safety regulations. They make decisions about design before construction begins to make sure any problems can be sorted before building gets underway.

If the building and structure work does not meet the Building Control standards, then it could result in prosecutions or fines. If persistent claims are made about you not meeting the building requirements, then legal action could take place.

Building work is inspected and certified by a surveyor who ensures it complies with all building regulations. This certificate can be used as documentation for sellers, mortgage lenders or insurers to show that the building inspection has been completed. 

Declaration and Request for Final Certificate by Client, Principal Designer, and Principal Contractor

1) I/we confirm that I/we have fulfilled our obligations in respect of Principal Designer / Principal Contractor as defined in Regulation 16E of The Building (Approved Inspector etc.) Regulations 2010 and Part 2A (duty holders and competence) of the Building Regulations 2010 (as amended). As far as I/we are reasonably and practicably able to ascertain, the works, to the best of our knowledge, comply with the Building Regulations. I/we therefore formally request issue of the Final Certificate.

2) I/we confirm that as the person carrying out the work, I/we have passed all pertinent fire safety information to the responsible person (RP) as required by Regulation 38 of the Building Regulations such that they may adequately and reasonably fulfil their ongoing obligation under the RR(FS)O.

    I am the:

    Date Appointed:

    Upload Signature: