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Learn More About the Validity of Each Type of Property Survey

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A property survey is a crucial need to keep a tab on its structural elements. With the help of a chartered surveyor, you would be able to perform a complete property survey. You can consider it a study that gives real-time updates about the property’s overall condition.

More About Property Survey Validity:

The structural part of the house remains valid according to the type of survey conducted on it. But generally, any valuation over these elements remains valid only for 90 days. This happens due to the fluctuating market rates. So, it is important to take the help of chartered surveyors in Dulwich to conduct the surveys and keep their records.

Validity of Different Kinds of Property Survey:

Homeowners have a general query about how much time it takes to conduct a survey. It primarily depends on the size and the age of the property. Typically, a complete house survey gets completed within the span of 2 to 4 hours. The surveyors have to work hard for older and larger properties.

Below is a detailed guide about the validity of different property survey reports.

  • Roof Surveys:

If your property is more than 50 years old and has little maintenance, the roof survey report will be valid for six months to 1 year. It depends largely on the lifespan of the materials used for constructing the property. For newer properties, the survey report remains valid for one year to 2 years. The validity of the survey depends largely on its overall condition.

  • Damp Surveys:

A damp survey has the lowest validity among all the property survey reports. It is similar to a roof survey, as the situation can change quickly. The condition of dampness may worsen in properties that are more than 50 years old. The report of this survey lasts for six months to 1 year. A full damp survey is necessary for older properties.

  • Thermal Imaging Surveys:

Thermal imaging is a major property survey that remains valid for over a decade. However, if the building has been refurbished or extended, the validity may be affected badly. The survey can also become invalid in case of extensive modifications.

When you perform a complete property survey, these are some of the factors to note. If you want to get it done by professionals, you can get in touch with All Building Control. We are one of the largest private sector building operators working in this field for many years. For more details about our business, you can visit our website today.



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