An Ultimate Guide To Understand The Different Types Of Survey

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Are you buying a house or just want to get a survey done to be sure of the structural strength of your property? People are often confused about choosing the right type of survey. RICS surveys typically aim to keep a check on the property’s health. It involves detailed checking of a property’s structure and condition. You must know what you are buying to save your money. This can also help you with the final negotiation. Hiring reputed and experienced chartered surveyors in St. Johns Wood can help you with different surveys. Let’s dive deeper into the subject below in this blog.


Different Types of Survey


Condition Survey (Level 1)


You can consider a Condition Survey if you are buying a new property in good condition. This basic RICS survey provides you with basic information about building elements. It identifies issues by inspecting the property’s condition and security. Please note this survey isn’t recommended for older buildings.


HomeBuyer Survey (Level 2)


Thai survey is the most popular as it is ideal for inspecting conventionally-built modern homes in decent condition. A HomeBuyer survey involves the inspection of all the building parts that are readily accessible. Chartered surveyors will look into the serious defects that may require expensive repairs. We will also provide you with the relevant information on repairs and maintenance. At the end of the survey, you will have a detailed report stating every aspect that has been inspected. You can make an informed decision with this.


Full Buildings Survey (Level 3)


This survey is the gold standard inspection which involves an in-depth examination of both visible and hidden issues in a property. The surveyor will inspect from furniture to loft and even under carpets. So you will have a detailed knowledge of the property’s condition and structural integrity. The report will also contain whether smoke alarms and security systems are working properly or need replacement. They will also guide you for the recommended repairs and will provide you with an estimated cost for the same. This type of survey is recommended for a large or older property.


Specific Defect Surveys


As the name suggests, this type of survey doesn’t involve an inspection of the entire building but just a particular part of it. For example, it can focus on timber or damp, inspection of non-standard construction, cracking subsidence etc. An expert surveyor will help you understand the actual issues and guide you to fix them.


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